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Dazed Empire is a collection of visionaries and creatives  live true to themselves— no matter what. We follow a different orbit to embrace our individuality against the norms of society. Our goal as a brand is to celebrate and empower originality, as well as inspire communal synergy.
Dazed Empire was founded to build a community or better yet, a modern empire to create and provide new opportunities in our rising entrepreneurial culture without bias. We all deserve the “better” life and its our duty as people to offer that chance to as many people as possible.
Our motto, “LIVE ABOVE YOURSELF” means to selflessly going above and beyond the ordinary expectations in order to aid, motivate, or even just cheer them up in efforts of reaching our goals.
Within Dazed Empire we are representing a lifestyle and a movement that “WE THE PEOPLE” have the ability to change and impact each others life and create opportunities beyond belief. If you have a voice, internet access, or anything that gives you the ability to share, you have the power to be [that piece/support] that can make all the difference in someone else’s success.
So, Are you Dazed?